Pastured Eggs

We like to make a distinction between ‘pastured’ and ‘free range’ as, unlike conventional free range, where hens may live in flocks of many thousands in a large shed with “access” to the outdoors, our chickens actually live outside. They only go into their houses to lay eggs, roost at night, and escape the midday heat. Some of the obvious benefits are that they have freedom to roam and dust bathe. They also have access to fresh pasture, a wholefood diet, sunshine and fresh air.

The henhouses are mobile and are moved around the paddocks to fresh areas every few days. This minimises any parasite problems, gives the grass time to regrow and those poor terrified insects a chance to come out of hiding.  It also means manure from the birds is not concentrated all in one place and so pollution is not an issue.

It is very relaxing to watch the birds scratching in the mulch piles, mowing the green grass shoots, running down the occasional grasshopper and taking luxurious dust baths under the ironbarks. 


Our chickens have a grass-based diet (as well as any bugs they may hunt down) and this is supplemented with ‘free choice’ wholegrains, kelp and minerals.  Most animals know exactly what they need and want and at what time of year.  By offering most grains whole, the birds benefit from added fibre and the potential loss of nutrients from grinding is avoided.

No sprays or artificial fertilisers are used on our paddocks and we avoid chemical medications and artificial yolk colourants. We do not feed our birds soy, canola or cottonseed meals.
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