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Brigadoon Harvest was born in 2010 at our 270 acre property near a little town called Tooraweenah, at the base of the Warrumbungle mountain range. We wanted a family business that our children could participate in and settled on pastured eggs as something that could be begun in a small way.  We started off with only thirty chickens and one little mobile house for them.  Most of the chickens were given names by our four children. We have now expanded to 800 birds and four large mobile houses which are moved around our property to fresh pasture every couple of days.

Why are we different? We believe the attention and care we provide our chickens is reflected in the quality and taste of their eggs. A lot of work goes into the daily running of the business as each egg collected is hand-checked and candled for quality. Our hens are treated with respect and we endeavour to make their lives as close to nature as possible.

Our chickens certainly make life interesting and, at times, uncomfortable, but we can never complain of boredom and the satisfaction of a customer declaring that they won’t buy any other eggs makes all the heat, frost, mud and drought worthwhile.

We keep things simple and natural – no sprays or artificial fertilizers on the grass, no chemical medications, no hormones, no yolk colourants, no artificial lighting and no beak trimming. Just lots of sunshine, wholefoods, grass and bugs.

John & Estelle Joseph

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